In 1990 Cserédes Zoltán starts his activity with electrical insulation and sprinkler hose producing. The producing of state-owned companies had teamed up with experts from Tata team started in a rented room in accordance with the conditions at that time. The production developed rapidly during which Mipolán has produced its own hall of hundreds of products. Production is already at the outset judge demanding technical content of components and systems, the company became known in Hungary.


Since launching the company the Mipolán seeks to explore new application areas. Our goal is, that besides the continual quality developing in a competitive price and creative solutions, we provide added value and benefits for our partners.


The Mipolán gains long-term competitive advantages through innovation and outstanding reliability. Three of our specialities, the automotive industry, electronics and electrical industry expertise combined system developed offers and services strengthen our leading position in Hungary. The Mipolán is an independent and reliable partner.


As an active company across the Europe, we take our responsibilities seriously and converting our activities accordingly. Mipolán started as a family company from is a now part of the group Shrinktech consciously build the business lines and countries, based on diversification.

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