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Soft PVC tubes:

Electrical industry conduit

The Mipolán tube typically used for the electrical wiring insulation, wire fixing, mechanical and electronic protection.

Waterclear technical tubes

The waterclear Mipolán tube can be well used for liquid transmissions or in the food industry, or in machine manufacturing.

Vine tying

One of the Mipolán Kft. very popular agricultural products.

Ribbed sprinkler hose

The Mipolán Kft. is extruding ribbed sprinkler hoses in a great quality, which quality rivals in a middle ranked fabric reinforcement, while the price is much better than the cheapest fabric reinforcement.

Edge protection plates, different profiles

The Mipolán is able to produce any edge protection plate from soft PVC. These products are mainly aesthetic and accident prevention purposes our partners to buy.

Wine suction hose

The wine suction hose is essentially with a waterclear technical hose an equivalent product. The use is limitless. We can produce any sizes by specific needs.

Protecting tubes in telecommunication

Sealing / Silencers

By Mipolán extruded products are not only used in electrical insulation, it may silencer or sealing. Automotive industry customer´s satisfaction been applied to our products, which have been developed on the basis of their needs.

HDPE tubes:

KPE tubes (20mm < D < 50mm)

Irrigation systems we offer the building construction industry and agriculture alike.

Water tubes

For water duct construction as well in households.

Protecting tubes

Vízvezeték hálózat kiépítésére alkalmazható csövünk háztartásban vagy ipari létesítményekben egyaránt alkalmas. -For water duct construction as well in households

Floor heating tubes

Primarily manufactured operated at a low temperature floor heating or wall, applied according to customer requirements.

Coil former

Suitable for any industrial fabric or paper wrapping, very strong, heavy-duty tube.

Building industry protection tube

Our products are perfect for protecting the in the floor running wires and also helps to change the wires if needed.

LDPE tubes:

Liquid soap dispenser tube

Our unique made products of variety using is one way of the dispenser tube. It is suitable for any fluid transmission.

Siphon absorbing tube

The traditional soda siphons are no longer used, but the hospitality industry is still in use frequently, such as beer taps. Our products are particularly suitable for companies who deal with design and manufacturing catering facilities.

Drip tube ( D < 13 mm)

Today, irrigation is increasingly important in agriculture, many have realized it with higher quality production. Our product gives good-value for money solution.

Protecting tubes

Protecting tubes of various sizes are manufactured based on the customer’s needs, but we recommend primarily for the building industry. Mipolán tubes can be perfectly used as glass fiber cable pilot.

Polystyrene tubes and rods:

Balloon holding rod

Mipolán products for the younger age groups also try contribute to their happiness.

Flower supporting sticks / Sticks in various sizes

From our horticultural products the flower stick is a very popular one. In a various size or length are available at our trading partners.


We produce unique solutions, such as handles for case.


We produce balcony box water tubes.

Advertising bearer rods

We manufactured some parts of advertising products like widely flagpoles, banner-long rods and bars, or we can produce some frame elements.


Various smaller diameter tubes.

Simple profiles


Tubes between 1mm-20mm with wall thickness by customer needs.

High-temperature-resistant PTFE products with excellent electrical characteristics, with good price performation ratio. Price-performance rivals with many other high-tech raw materials.

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