Our company is committed to continuous improvement of quality. We maintain emphase TUV Reinland controlled quality assurance to protect company processes and manufacturing procesesses the ISO 9001:2015, and to decrease the environment loads the ISO 14000:2015 systems. It is important for us to continually increase our partners’ satisfaction with the quality of our product and our service quality. To achieve this, we continuously check the efficiency of our systems, and we care about our colleagues for a professional development.


As a production company, we are aware of our impact on the climate and the environment. All Shrinktech – Mipolán site will take the appropriate steps to saving energy efficiency and the use of resources, which is constantly monitored and evaluated. Through optimized manufacturing technologies and processes to be used on natural resources, raw materials are accountable for the emissions and the negative human and environmental impacts we keep managing as low as possible.


Our company uses only high-quality raw materials, in any case we rely on verifiable sources, we are working with our chain of suppliers for many years. We guarantee with this the Mipolán quality.


The Mipolán and Shrinktech as a company, now working together to improve product quality and production. Among the close goals is introduction of VDE 6.3 quality system to our partners satisfaction.

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